Sancak Energy has taken place in the sector with total of 247,5 MW wind power plant projects. The company operate 15 MW wind power plant in İzmir-Urla and 52.5 MW wind power plant in Kayseri-Yahyalı. İstanbul-Çatalca wind power plant with an installed capacity of 30 MW and Konya-Selçuklu, Altınekin wind power plants with total installed capacity of 150 MW are under construction. In addition, the company have solar power plant with 2MW installed capacity in Aksaray. The potential of wind power in Turkey and increasing demand in energy attracted the Sancak Group, which wants to make investments in varied sectors and aims increasing the employment. Sancak Energy intends to increase its energy portfolio to 1000 MW by making investments not only in the field of wind energy but also in different energy fields with the slogan "Energy of Future".


MLP CARE, founded in 1993 with the aim of providing health services to every segment of society with the vision of "Health for All"; it continues strongly with Liv Hospital, VM Medical Park and İstinye Üniversite Hastanesi for a journey that started with Medical Park a quarter of a century ago. In 2006, many hospital branches were opened in partnership with Sancak Group. Sancak Group, continues its activities as the largest group in Bursa to Elazığ, Trabzon to Antalya, in seventeen province to thirty-one hospital with 6.017 bedspace and 16.460 employees, will continue to invest in the health sector. Today, 35.01% of the MLP CARE Health Group's shares are open to the public. Sancak Group which is a shareholder with 15.35% of the MLP CARE Health Group following the public offering, will continue to invest in the health sector.


Ata Sancak Acıpayam Tarım İşletmesi A.Ş was found in 2005 with the cooperation of Ata Holding for raw milk production at a quality level above the global standarts over 24.000 decares in Denizli-Acıpayam in order to construct and operate an agricultural, animal for breeding and dairy farming facility developed with the latest technologies. In addition to raw milk production, herbal production is also carried out to provide animal feed. By the year 2014, Atasancak is free from the largest Tuberculosis and Brucellosis disease over the same areas in Turkey and Europe and a European certified milk production enterprise. According to July 2018 data, the total capacity is 10.400 cattle, 4.800 of which is milch animals. On average 175 tons of milk is produced per day, the milking is sold as raw milk to the leading National Markets in the milk and milk products sector of our country. The company provides up to 280 jobs, as well as buying 9.000 tons of clover and 10.000 tons of silage corn from local producers under farming contracts.


Sanport Gayrimenkul Geliştirme Anonim Şirketi incorporated in 2009, is buying estate or buildings and renting it to another estabilishment. Currently, Bahçelievler Medical Park, İzmir Medical Park, Ulus Liv Hospital and Mersin Medical Park buildings belong to Sanport Gayrimenkul Geliştirme Anonim Şirketi and they are rented to these hospitals. Adana Çukurova, Ankara Eryaman, Ankara Mamak, Ankara Yaşamkent, Konya Selçuklu and İzmir Guzelbahçe Campuses of Mektebim Okulları belong to Sanport Gayrimenkul Geliştirme Anonim Şirketi and they are rented to Mektebim Okulları. Sanport Gayrimenkul Geliştirme Anonim Şirketi is leaning towards investing different project, not only hospitals and schools. 

With a construction investment made in 2006, Sancak Group has completed "Günışığı Konakları" project comprising of 121 villas at Hadımköy. With 121 pieces of villas of sizes ranging between 570 m2 and 1350 m2, with 5 different types of pools, sauna and Turkish hammam, social facilities and a sports centre, Günışı Konakları project was built on a total land area of 265,832 m2.


Founded in 2011 with the vision of Educational Entrepreneur Ümit Kalko, Mektebim Okulları provides education services for 20 students with 52 campuses and 165 schools in Turkey. Mektebim Okulları, the new star of education, which has signed an important partnership with Sancak Group, will continue its national and international growth without compromising its quality understanding with the support of partnership with Sancak Group and new strategies to contribute to the development of the private education sector.


Founded in 2003 MNG Kargo, is at service with 7 Technological HUBS in total 25 HUBS, 15 regional directorates, over 800 branches and 8000 employees and it’s over 2200 vehicle land fleet. MNG Kargo is one of the leading shipping company of Turkey which serves at globally standardized high quality service to 600.000 addresses per day in 220 different countries and all over Turkey. To provide 100 % customers satisfaction, MNG Kargo serves cargo services to all over Turkey in desired standards with advanced confidence environment it has formed, qualified human resources, speed, experience, technological investments and equipment it has.


The Sancaklar Foundation was founded in 2006 by Sancaklar Family in order to perform social works, and contribute to the community in the fields of education, health and culture. Its purposes include having schools, student homes, mosques and health centres built at places in need of such facilities. Committing a large part of its income to educational grants, the Foundation provided 11.550 university students with scholarships and educational aids up to date. Continuing its existence with contributions of Sancak Family, the Sancaklar Foundation has obtained the title of "Public Service Institution" in 2011, thus gaining tax exempt status.